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More Time Spent On Apps Than Browser?

An app analytics firm, Wiseapp released the statistics on Android smartphone users’ mobile usage in July.

The findings suggested that 93% of time spent on smartphones was spent using apps and 7% using mobile browser.

Teens and people in their 50s and older spent more time on apps than other age groups.

Teens spent 95% of their time on apps and 5% browsing the web. Those in their 20s consumed 89% of their mobile minutes on apps and 11% on the browser while those in their 30s spent 90% on apps and 10% on the web browser. People in their 40s were on apps for 93% of their digital minutes while those in their 50s and older spent 96% of their time on apps, the highest among all age groups.

This sample survey was conducted with 23,000 Android users nationwide for the past month by Wiseapp and measured the time spent on the mobile browser and on every app available in the app store while the smartphone screen is turned on.